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Saki Hikari Multi Season Koi Food Medium Pellets 4.4lbs.

Saki Hikari Multi Season Koi Food Medium Pellets 4.4lbs.

The brand preferred by professional koi breeders, the Saki-Hikari Multi-Season Formula food is designed especially for feeding your koi in cooler water environments. This daily diet contains excellent natural sources of Vitamin E, amino acids, and probiotics for maximum nutritional value and easy digestion. Saki-Hikari Multi-Season Formula is well-suited to water temperatures as low as 50°F and offers the added benefits of heightened growth and color enhancement. Saki-Hikari Multi-Season Formula is an essential component of year-round cool water koi care!


  • Protein-rich nutritional package
  • Contains cultured Spirulina to boost your koi’s colors while maintaining the Shiroji (white markings)
  • Packed with carotenoids and nutrients to ensure vibrant coloration and steady growth
  • Stabilized Vitamin C for maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Can be used in water as cool as 50°F
  • Contains natural probiotics and premium proteins to support healthy and efficient digestion and growth in cooler water environments
  • Minimizes chance of weight loss
  • Floating pellets allow easy monitoring of food intake without compromising water clarity


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